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Frequently Asked Questions!

How do I get a quote?
Every job is unique and specific. We like to give fair quotes because we find the best way to do so is to talk with you about what you specifically need by calling us at +1 314 343 0633 or sending us an email through our contact page with your phone number so that we can better understand your project and how it relates specifically to our skills, talents, and expertise.
What is the graphic design process?
Once you are happy with your quote, we spend some time talking to you and learning about your business to get a feel for what best communicates your requirements. We then design rough drafts that you can choose from depending on the look that most appeals to you and how it will be best suited for your purpose in display. Once you are completely happy with the graphic design and have approved it, we finalize the design. Afterwards we prepare your print-ready artwork and that’s it! You are then ready to go ahead with printing or use your graphics for online purposes.
How long will the job take?
We know every job, deadline and client is different, which is why we will always arrive at a fair price that suits you! If time frames are tight, our designers will do their best to work within these times. One of the things we pride ourselves on is having missed no deadlines yet so why miss deadlines for your project?
What format will I get my work in?
All artwork for print is supplied in high res vector format (.PSD or .EPS) – so no quality is lost when the work is enlarged or reduced. If you want to use them online, we would love to supply you with a JPEG file that will look great on both web and social media!
Any more questions?
If you have any more questions to ask, please get in touch through our contact form or call us on +1 343 343 0633 and we will make sure we answer it for you.

I do have some concerns, can I talk with someone?

Please schedule a time to speak with a team member HERE.